Fixing and Fettling

Almost everything can be repaired despite what the manufactures might say.

These days we are all thankfully waking up to the fact that we can't keep squandering the Earths recourses indefinitely and causing so much pollution.

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Making new stuff and transporting it round the world is a significant part of the problem. Just making the steel for ships, cars, trucks, fridges, freezers, washing machines and all sorts of other things, uses 25% of the worlds total energy consumption and produces a significant chunk of our carbon foot print.

Even now the Chinese are building more coal fired power stations to run the factories making the new stuff we want. And then there is all the heavy oil burned by the ships delivering it all round the world.

One of the best thing's we can do to save our environment and the planet is to make stuff last.

We need to stop sending our precious metals and resources to land fill and then using more to replace it all.

We need to "Make do and Mend"

Unfortunately the world is powered by greed and geared to making money be mass producing stuff cheaply and selling it. Most things aren't designed with any thought to longevity at best and deliberately designed to break after a while at worst.

Look at cars. Nowadays they are very mechanically reliable, don't rust to bad and could last for ages with regular servicing, so what do they do to keep themselves making money. They fill them with a load of unnecessarily complicated electronics to give something to fail that's to expensive to repair.

Fortunately I hate spending money on the same thing twice and have always tried to fix before replacing. I've been fixing allsorts of things for neighbours and friends for years and now hope to offer this service more widely and maybe make a living at it.

I am traditional boat restorer to trade which gave me a broad range of skills to start with, and over the years I have trained and picked up skills in electronics, computers, mecatronics, engineering and classic vehicle restoration amongst others.

So if something's broken or not working right, instead of rushing off for some retail therapy and replacing it, get in touch and see if I can help.

Based in Kirkby Stephen.


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Things Done, Fixed, Fettled or Modified

Flickering Switches, Ink jet Printers and Constant Ink Supply Systems Set up, Slide and Negative's to digital, Digital Camera repaired, charging problems, Electric Piano power supply, Bespoke Display Stands, Laptop Screens, Games Consoles, Laser Engraving, Traditional Wooden Boats, Bespoke Equipment Boxes, Record & Tape to CD and digital, Unobtainable broken parts replicated, Veneer damage to harp body, Pressure Washer, Any number of Toys, Stereo Separates, Technical 3D Printing, Motor Home wiring, VHS Video to DVD, Over Heating computers cleaned, Broken Furniture, Volume Controls fitted to Noisy Toys, Faulty Connections, Motorcycle Modifications, Retractable Dog leads, Car Key Fobs, Sound System Networks, Classic Vehicle Parts Reverse Engineered, Computer Servicing, Problem solving, Design Review,

M.A.G.The Leading Body Campaigning on Behalf of Motorcyclists in the UK

The Motorcycle Action Group (M.A.G.) is a politically neutral group who represent motorcycle riders (and all two wheel users) rights and freedom to ride what they want, and to modify his/her machine as they see fit. They have full time members of staff who monitor the government constantly for legislation that might affect motorcyclists. Quite often they are consulted by government having built up some respect in political circles as to knowing what they are talking about. If you ride on two wheels and arenít already a member, join. They have already saved you from compulsory leg protectors, which they proved independently would have caused more injury than prevent and lots of other lunacy to numerous to mention. Follow the link for more details about membership benefitsí including insurance dealís and discounts to members.

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