Stainless Steel Stirrup Cups

£12.50 for 4 Stirrup Cups
With Case +£2.00
Additional Engraving on Bottom +£2.75


These delightfully small stirrup-cups are the ideal compliment to a hip flask when out and about.

Measuring just 24mm across the base (about the size of a pound coin) and 40mm high, they hold 30ml on paper but in practise about 20ml is practical to avoid spillage. This means you get 8 shots out of a 6oZ (170ml) flask.

Spun out of 201 food grade stainless steel with no lip they stack down nice and small to fit in a pocket. Up to 12 can fit easly in a case.

Personalised with initials, symbol, photos or whatever. (please send picture at time of ordering in email).

[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]

Other items available by request.

Personalised;- please allow 24 – 48 hours for dispatch. Ill send a message when I post the cups.

[Initials monogram ]

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