Hand made to measure, traditional lanyard for tools, knifes etc when working up ladders, over water, in the garden or any where tools can get lost, dropped or mislaid.

Made from untreated soft natural fibres so won’t chaff if next to skin, with a nylon whipping on a 5 plat splice at ether end with a brass eyelet and split ring to attach to. It has an adjustable figure of 8 stop knot at the neck so can’t choke you if caught on something.


Comes with a quick release coupling allowing tools to be removed, attached or changed quickly.

The measurements I. requires to make the lanyard are: length round neck (1) and length to tool (2), the picture should make it clear. You should measure the length to tool so that the weight of the tool is taken by the pocket or belt it is carried in, but not too long so as to catch on stuff as you move around. I would air on the side of a bit too long rather than a bit too short as there is nothing more annoying than a constantly snagging line round your neck. The figure of 8 stop knot can be loosened and moved if you are careful allowing some small adjustment.


These are made to order so please allow 24 – 48 hours for dispatch. Ill send message when I post the lanyard

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