Id never really thought of rats as pets before, but we walked into the pet shop and a very enthusiastic member of staff ushered Sabrina to the back of the shop. "You must meet this wonderfully handle able rat." Well, I thought, there’s going to be some shrieking, as Sabrina was put off enough by the gerbils tails and the rats is longer with out fur. However by the time I made it to the cages the rat was settled on Sabrina’s neck and making itself at home in her hood. 15 minuets later and she was coming home with us and was named Rosy.

[Rosy sittling on Sabrinas neak ]

She is one special sole, very tame, can be trusted not to wonder, comes to her name and is very much Sabrina’s rat. When you walk in the room she pokes her head out and if you’re not Sabrina you can see the disappointment in her face, and delight if she is there.

[Rosy geting some bannana ]
[Rosy Washing ]

We have taken her back to the pet shop for a visit and she sits happily on Sabrina’s shoulder as we walk through town attracting much attention.

[Rosy sitting on Sabrina’s neck whilst phoning ]

Rosy is allowed to roam freely but seems to know when she’s well off and sticks to the shelving where we have the rats and climbs over the cages of the boy rats, teasing them.

She did wonder one time when Sabrina’s was away, settling on Sabrina’s pillow and giving me a start when I woke and saw her as I opened my eyes first thing. Then a few days later appeared round the bathroom door as I was sat contemplating the universe.

She is very companionable and likes settling for a stroke in your arm making this contented chattering sound with her teeth that they make when contented. However given the chouse will always return to Sabrina after a bit, eventually wondering back to the cages and waits for her favorite treat, a banana chip.

[Rosy liking yogart top ]

In all she is as much a part of our family as the dogs with out needing exercise in all weathers.

[Initials monogram  A R T]

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