What is Field Archery?

Well despite what the name says Field Archery is not normally shot in a field, that is much more likely to be done by Target archers who will normally shoot in a flat field.

[Full Drawn Arrow]

Field Archery courses are set up in woodland using slopes and other variations in which the courses can be made interesting and enjoyable to shoot round,but foremost with safety in mind.

Field archery involves walking from one target to the next in a numerical order throughout the course. The target faces are normally wild animal type targets, some of which are made from paper,hessian, 2-D or 3-D models which have become very popular. All types of targets have scoring zones marked on them.

The distances from the shooting pegs to the targets are unmarked, which makes it more difficult to judge just how far or close the targets are from the competing archers. In some cases the shots will be made more difficult by the clever use of the intervening ground, or the positioning of the shooting peg from which you have to shoot, forcing the archer to not only estimate the distance, but also to allow for the sloping of the ground, or perhaps the leaning of a tree.

These variations can influence the bow alignment, especially for those archers who shoot instinctively.This wide variety of terrain, shooting conditions and various types of rounds are the true attraction of field archery. It is without doubt more physical than target archery, but it still demands high levels of concentration with a wider range of skills.

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